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評論 (41):

i'm callin BULLSHIT 7 years ago
the way they draw these cartoons are very unique and sexy, but what the fuck are all these big tittie bitches doing on the gotdamn train anyways? going to a porn convention? and would it kill the animator to curl some of the longer haired girls? Women like to be pretty, this is a man drawing this shit and another one putting them ALL on ONE friggen bus!
Mhm 6 years ago
I'd cum all in her shit
Mhm 6 years ago
The second girl got my dick throbbing! She thick asf lol
4 years ago
Look at that assesses
Mhm 6 years ago
Yeah I'm back lol I'm still not over the second girl wit her thick ass lml idc if its a anime
Opinons 4 years ago
Pink haired girl should be a flat chest the big titties don't fit her face her hair orthe size of her head.
Yolo 6 years ago
The fukin girl is not saying anin a thing!!!
ooof 4 years ago
:p nice ass
Nono 6 years ago
mr me too 6 years ago
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